About Landscape Turf

San Diego county is not the easiest place to have a lush green lawn. Most of the county is semi-arid chaparral and is shrub dominated. This is the native

landscape so it takes a lot of time, water, money, fertilizer and pesticides to keep a lawn green. This is why landscaping with artificial turf in this area makes sense. It also helps save our water resources. The city of Poway managed to save so much water that in June 2015 they had to dump 500,000 gallons of water. Although the water savings were due to many actions, part of it was due to the San Diego County Water Authority offering a artificial turf discount program.

“The best way to conserve is to reduce watering outdoors or take advantage of rebates to replace your lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping,” – Mayor Kevin Faulconer

So if you want to enjoy a perfect lush green lawn then converting to a artificial lawn is money well spent.

Our Selection of Artificial Landscape Products

We have many varieties of artificial landscape turf to choose from below are some of our products. These can be used for residential as well as commercial applications and will give you years of hassle free and low maintenance grass.

Some Terms to Help You Decide on Your Turf

  • Face Weight: is the thickness or how dense the turf is. Its the weight per square yard of the turf. The backing is not included in the weight.
  • Pile Height: how tall the blades of grass are.
  • Thatch: is the shorter strands of curly yarn that is found between the blades of grass. These strands are usually green, tan or a combination.

There are a variety of colors of landscape turf some with light-brown or tan mixed in to give a more natural look.

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