The Benefits of Artificial Turf  to San Diego Home Owners are Many. Find out how you can save Money, Time and Help the Environment.

Saves you Time – No more Mowing the Lawnartificial turf benefits for your lawn

You can spend more of your free time doing other enjoyable things rather than mow your lawn. Actually you will no longer need your lawn mower or need to fill up a gas can for that mower. Also no more pulling weeds, thatching, aerating  and having to resod after your grass dies. See our video on how you can actually end lawn maintenance.

Does Not Require Watering

Reduce that water bill. Artificial turf does not require watering unless you need to clean it off.
Artificial turf saves you 50% to 70% of your total residential water usage these water savings will last for many years. This will also helps conserve water in San Diego’s on going drought.


It very hard to have a dog and maintain a beautiful lawn, synthetic turf may be the answer to this problem.
Dead spots in your lawn from urine will be a thing from the past. The backing on our products will allow urine to drain right through. The sprinkler system can be used to help clean up.
For clean up you will simply rinse with a hose. There are also enzyme spray products that will help breakdown any fecal matter.
Also pets will not track mud or dirt into your home from the backyard. Artificial turf also keeps your dog from digging holes in the yard.

Adding to Your Usable Living Space

No more dry dusty or muddy areas the entire yard can be covered in perfect grass. Even the areas where it normally would not grow like a area with to much shade. If you own a pool, artificial turf is a perfect product. It will eliminate muddy areas where splashes from the pool. So now the kids will have more area to play, its also perfect for a swing set or playground setup.

Environmental Benefits

Besides the obvious water savings. There is also a reduction of other chemical pollutants such as round up for killing weeds. Synthetic fertilizers are also out of the equation reducing the amount of nitrates in our ground water. The use of artificial turf helps keep these toxic agents from entering San Diego’s bays, oceans and lakes.
Did you know that one lawn mower can pollute as much as ten (10) cars!?

Money Savings

artificial turf benefits

Saves money on water.
No more need to pay for a lawn service.
An added benefit financial benefit is that you may be albe to get money back from the water company in your area (please check what restrictions may apply.

Important Facts

•San Diego has saved an estimated 41 million gallons of fresh water by replacing natural grass with artificial grass.

•A lawn of average size uses approximately 41,500 gallons per year
•Your water consumption and bill could be reduced by 50% to 70% by removing thirsty natural grass.
•A lawn mower can pollute as much as 10 ten times the amount of a car Fertilizing increases nitrate levels in ground water
•Home Turf carries artificial turf products that are 100% recyclable.

You can also watch Home Turf’s Cale Abramson on The Home Pro Show discuss the benefits and advantages of artificial turf see video