Synthetic Grass Lawns are a cost effective alternative to natural sod grass. Return on investment is almost certainly realized within the warranty period of the artificial turf grass lawn product.congue. Synthetic turf can cut your water bill in half, save you on the maintenance costs of a gardener or yard man, possibly save you from installing a sprinkler system, and most importantly add value to your life by giving you a perfectly manicured, maintenance free lawn and leave you with more time to do the things you really enjoy in life. The initial investment in an artificial lawn is significantly more than a real grass lawn but it is an investment that will pay for itself in future maintenance costs

Artificial Turf Grass vs. Real Grass of 500 Square Feet
in San Diego

Real Sod/Grass Lawn
One time investment for:
Sod Installation (.75/sq.ft.)
$375 Delivery of Sod
$250 Sprinkler System Installation
$1,000 Timer
$200 Mower
Total One Time Cost: $2,125
Annual Cost:
Watering ($15/month X 12 mo.)
$180 Fertilizer ($.20 / sq. ft.)
$100 Seeding ($.25 / sq. ft.)
$125 Gardener / Lawn Man ($25/week)
Total Annual Cost: $1,705
Total Five Year Cost of Real Grass Option:
1st year: $3,830
2nd year: $1,945
3rd year: $1,945
4th year: $1,945
5th year: $1,945
Grand Total Five Year Cost of Real Grass Option: $11,610
Artificial/Synthetic Turf Grass Lawn
One Time Investment for Home Turf to Install your artificial turf grass lawn:
*Based on $6.95 per square foot and 500 square feet: $3,470!!!!
Home Turf carries artificial turf products with warranties from eight to ten years. This cost effectiveness calculation is based on only five years! Synthetic grass/artificial turf product life expectancy is estimated to be fifteen to twenty-five years! Imagine the savings you would realize in the products life expectancy time frame.