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Heather: Well we may be getting a lot of rain in San Diego right now. But lets face it we are in the middle of one of the worst droughts California has ever seen. Every time you turn on your sprinklers do you cringe at the amount of water used and your water bill. Lets help you out this morning the home pro show is here Clint August is the host of the show. Hi Clint!

Clint: Good Morning Heather how are ya?

Heather:I’m doing great happy Monday

Clint: To you as well….you know not only are the advantages of being eco friendly when you go to synthetic turf..But ugh. We got Home Pro…Home Turf in Cale…Uggh and the cool thing about this is that we were in the green room talking to one of the guests that were going to be in your show later and….and she was talking about how synthetic turf back in the day …she was like man you could tell it was fake, we didn’t want it. Now she’s moving into a home in Coronado that has synthetic turf and she couldn’t even tell the difference. Thats how far they have come with synthetic turf. So its really ugh…thats another advantage and again we have Cale from Home Turf. We also have Greg Cantor with Murray Lampert Design Build and remodel 30 years in the business and ugh theres a lot of advantages

Greg: Yes there is and if anyone had questions as to how synthetic turf looks compared to real turf…here I mean its amazing how you can’t even tell the difference here.
Explain some of the advantages of synthetic turf umm for our home owners

Cale: Sure… well first things first like you said look at how far it’s come…you know 20-30 years ago…it was pretty much a sporting application and you could tell. It only had to look good from the stands. Now people are driving by….and they are looking 2-3 times before they can figure it out…sometimes people actually have to walk up and pull on it…to figure it out…so thats pretty nice..

Cale: Umm you know we are making this stuff with tan thatching …all this stuff to just give it that realism that you want. So you can come home enjoy your beautiful yard everyday of course the no water thats in there, thats great. Ummm Yea you know maintenance….a little bit maybe…some leaves if you don’t want them on your perfect turf…blown to the corner and pic them up…but thats the most maintenance.

Cale: Umm when it comes to dogs you know obviously we have to clean up. There enzyme washes that we can spray on this just to make sure theres nothing going on and thats a good thing to do from time to time but other than that..really low maintenance.

Greg: So theres different types of turf if you have pets or putting greens or just natural turf…you know just for play turf but theres also different types of installation as well…can you get into the different types and different installations.

Cale: We talked a little bit about it before..if we go to a school ..its going to be completely different. You know theres different infill systems for schools vs residential…residential we try to stay with a acrylic coated sand , stay away from the rubber if we can because obviously thats going to raise temperatures in the yard…ugh tracks in your shoes, it gets in the house thats the last thing we want. So umm then we get into putting greens obviously thats a completely different spectrum putting greens theres a couple different ones and umm if your a mild to wild golfer we can get you into the right one.

Greg: And theres some great financing options like hero and rebates can you explain that and can you explain where someone can go to get a rebate?

Cale: Sure. um all of your water districts pretty much are giving money for removing sod and going with synthetic turf. San Diego unfortunately ran out but socalwatersmart.com great place to go money is still there but for a short time. They were thinking they had enough to go to June on the program. I don’t think they are going to quite make it. So there is definitely a reason to move forward today getting your synthetic turf done.

Greg: So your working with my brother and I know you had him get his rebate first. He got 1600 dollars towards his purchase and then once he got his rebate then now your going to do the installation.

Cale: That is correct. You know we make synthetic turf price wise probably on of the best in the industry. I think, uh we are competitive but now your getting $2 dollars a square ft back theres no reason not to move to synthetic turf today.

Greg: If you figure that out its about a third of the cost.

Cale:Yea absolutely

Clint: And in addition to the financing options too we are talking about you know being eco friendly saving so much water and the technology that goes into this is just incredible. And the installation truly does make a difference as we are talking about. So you definitely want to go Home Turf and uh we do have a question on social media. What sort of maintenance is required with synthetic turf we went over it a little bit but just for the home owner.

Cale: uhh sure. you know mostly umm cleaning up debris, you have leaves in the neighborhood maybe that pesky neighbor with the leaves blowing all over the yard. Pick those up with a blower, a turf rake we can give you one of those. Remember the shag carpet rakes something like that. Just don’t want to damage the turf. Other than that, when your dealing with dogs you need to clean up periodically wash it off.

Greg: But if you have irrigation you leave the irrigation right because maybe once a month you run the sprinklers and flush things out.

Cale: And anytime we have pets I try to talk customers into leaving the system in tact. If its working good lets leave it. Turn that timer way way back so its just a nice rinse and save that water.

Greg: Alright Cale from Home Turf. thank you very much Greg Cantor. Now heres the thing this weekend we are talking about March 6th, 7th, and 8th is at the Del Mar Fair Grounds. Its the Spring Home and Garden Show the 30th Annual. You can onto approvedhomepros.com right now and your not wining anything you can actually just get pair of tickets to that show and its going to be fantastic this weekend we are going to see you out there. You can put for 10,000 dollars you might roll away with and a wheel go prizes. We are going to have our own section with the Home Pro Show and thank you to Home Turf for helping us make that happen and all of our pros. So Heather get out there we have to do this!

Heather: Free Tickets! Why Not! Sounds Good

Clint: and maybe 10 Grand

Heather: even better. Thanks guys really appreciate it.

Clint:Thank You