fescue artificial turf

This is a 40 oz. face weight artificial turf grass product. Pile height is 1.75” tall. This turf variety has a multi-colored brown thatch fiber mixture to give a more realistic look – (same as Natural Blend only slightly darker). Artificial turf fibers are made of 100% polyethylene – both the tall fibers and the thatch layer (turf thatch is the shorter, curly fibers that help stabilize the taller fibers and reduce the need for infill such as rubber, silica sand, or acrylic coated sand).  The blades of this polyethylene thatch layer are thicker than most artificial turf with nylon thatch.  This artificial turf product is composed of two different monofilament polyethylene fibers and one brown nylon thatch fiber.  The tall monofilament fibers which are mostly what you see when this artificial grass is put down, is a 9,000 denier 6 ended monofilament.  The thatch layer which are the shorter curly fibers is contrructed of 7,500 denier TEXTURIZED monofilament polyethlyene.  Artificial turf products numbered one, two, and three here are engineered for climates where an almost constant barrage of sunshine and UV rays require additional UV stability.  These fibers are tufted into a two layer backing.  The first and primary backing layer is a 13 pic polybac and the second backing layer is a 20 oz. urethane coating.  Both have standard perforations for drainage and are rated to drain approximately 30 gallons of water per square yard per hour.