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See Video – How Hot is synthetic Turf? Home Turf Explains

Synthetic Turf Grass is a miracle product in many ways but it does have a downfall. At Home Turf synthetic/artificial grass lawns of San Diego we are very straight forward with our customers and manage expectations so there are no surprises or buyer remorse after doing business with us. We are certainly the only synthetic/artificial grass company in San Diego and beyond who will address this issue on the website and even bring it up when not mentioned.


You may have heard, as many consumers have, that artificial turf grass lawns get hot. This is sometimes more true than others. For example, artificial turf with black rubber infill (tiny granules of recycled, cryogenically frozen and shattered rubber) baking in the San Diego sun gets hotter than artificial/synthetic turf grass products in the San Diego sun without black rubber infill. It’s really common sense. If you wear a black shirt, it absorbs more of the sun’s heat rays. The same rule applies to artificial/synthetic turf grass with rubber infill cooking in the San Diego sun. Home Turf synthetic/artificial grass lawns of San Diego does not use black rubber infill it any of its products, they still get quite warm in the sun, put pale in comparison to the heat that black rubber filled artificial turf products generate.
Real grass/sod has water in the blades of grass which of course are cooler than a product made essentially of plastics and similar materials. So we admit that even our artificial turf grass products get a little warm when exposed to the San Diego sun all day. San Diego is a fairly mild climate and in the winter the warm grass actually feels great (we like to look at the bright side).
Artificial/synthetic turf grass has seeming endless benefits that certainly outweigh this one little issue. We hope that by our addressing this on our website, you as a consumer realize and can appreciate the open and straight forward manner in which we do business.
If you want to play on your San Diego synthetic turf grass lawn in the heat of the day, in the heat of the summer, spray a little water on the turf to cool it off – even though you might feel a little silly watering your ‘frass’ (fake grass).