Rady Children’s Hospital Center for Autism received a generous gift from the San Diego community. Alongside teams of contractors and suppliers, Home Turf joined a massive donation effort to build a playground at the Center, a place where children with autism can interact in a safe, productive setting.

Home Turf installed approximately 2,000-square feet of Singing Hills Ultra artificial grass in and around the playground facility. This turf has a proven durability record in climates with intense sunshine. San Diego sees a fair share of sun, and Singing Hills Ultra UV stabilized turf helps ensure the recreational area remains a safe, clean place for years to come.

Rady Children’s Hospital Center for Autism and the Autism Discovery Institute provide a unique learning environment for children learning to live with the spectrum disorder. They offer services to patients and families to help establish happy, productive lives. Their goal is to provide a setting where a child’s physical health and well-being are promoted and protected. Home Turf helped enable their goal, and allowed us to give back to our community.