Cale Abrams speaks about Artificial Turf with Bill Griffith on San Diego Connect Show.

Here is the Transcript:

And now San Diego connect.

Bill Griffith: Today on San Diego connect we’re talking to all of you whose dedication to saving water has left your yards bare and ugly. You Know who you are.
You don’t have to live with that!

Here’s Cale Abramson of Home Turf with the
perfect solution…..OK we’re not talking about astroturf here are we.

Cale Abramson: No…Noo…that was something made up in the seventies for football fields
and we we’ve uhhh come a long long ways.  We want it to look real and we want you to enjoy your yard
and not make it look like a shiny Christmas tree.

Bill Griffith: A shiny Christmas tree is exactly what they look like a lot of them.

Bill Griffith:What makes home turf so different?

Cale Abramson:Well you know the extrusion technology
on turf has come a long, long way there’s multi colors you know we want to see a
little bit of tan in that yard and so thats some of the things on the turf side
it’s all about installation,  as you know with solar with everything… unlike
us… there’s lot of guys that jump into this and don’t really know what they’re doing.

We’ve been doing this a long time and we know how to make it look as real as possible.

Bill Griffith: What is it about home turf installation that sets it apart?

Cale Abramson: Well you know a lot of it starts with what’s underneath the grass… yeah so thatsubstrate that we put in… if it’s not put in at the right depth, if it’s not compacted right,  if it’s not shape right, you’re gonna have anything from looking not real,  all the way to drainage problems so
you really gotta know what you’re doing from beginning to end.
Bill Griffith: I haven’t thought about that.  If we ever do get rain to have a drainage problem .

Cale Abramson:They say it’s coming.

Bill Griffith: Its coming yea.

Bill Griffith: Well what about people with pets?

Cale Abramson:Completely different set up you know…my yard…. half of the owners that we have
have pets. North County Humane Society we did that dog park couple years ago and
so when we do that there’s little tricks leave irrigation in place to rinse it off as a good idea.
Weave fabric you can’t use that or your  gonna have a unfresh smell and then there’s different infill systems for pets. So we can walk you through all that.

Bill Griffith: That is amazing! I had no idea it was all this involved!  What kind
of savings are we talking about?

Cale Abramson: Well as you know nothing ever goes down
especially in California. You’re not going to get a smaller water bill next
year.  You know I’ve done the numbers and really probably year 4..I think it pays
for itself. The turfs gonna be out there for at least 20 years so that’s a good

Bill Griffith: Cale…thank you.Don’t live with brown dead lawns another day.
Call Cale at  Home Turf.
Toll Free 1-800- 966-8873
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