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Heather: Is taking out the grass i your yard the right move for you? What other options do you have? The Aproved Home Pro Show is here Clint August is the host of the show.

Hi Clint

Clint:Hey Heather Happy morning to you and if your like me, and Im sure most home owners are, when you work hard all week you get home on the weekends you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing lawn maintenance plus we are in a drought if you haven’t heard. You want to conserve water, say money on water and if your paying someone to do your yard maintenance, you know thats going to cost you as well. Cale we love having you in studio from Home Turf, Thanks for coming in. We have Greg Cantor Murray Lampert Design Build remodel 40 plus years in the business, our resident pro. Now Cale for anyone who doesn’t know what do you do for the home owner.

Cale: Well Home Turf brings beautiful  yards that are low maintenance, cost effective, save money on water obviously we gotta do that right now everybody has to do their part and make it last for 20-25 years.

Murray: So Cale, I know your business is blown up right now. Why are people moving to synthetic turf.

Cale: Like we just talked about, water conservation everyone wants to do they’re part. You know we need to do our part. Cost right now is huge water, electricity everything is going up. We want to say that as well. Rebates are huge we just got 350 million dollars from the Fed to run this program.

Clint: And its actually so good you bring that up because there was a rumor that was gone.

Cale: Its back! We’re good

Clint: Where do we go?

Murray:So theres some finance programs that you know make it cost effective, better than ever so nows the time to do turf
You can put turf in your home and not pay for it for up to 18 months. No money down and immediately save money you know on water so I mean its a great program.

Cale: Absolutely

Clint: So just remember this to. Low Maintenance we really want to hone in on that

Cale: yea

Cale: and whether its…you got dogs, kids, your life style Greg

Murray: Right, well instead of mowing your lawn Clint you can clean your garage out instead.

Clint: That will never happen but either way it’s nice to spend time with the family but again lets address the heat right you’ve asked about the heat before Greg.

Murray: Well your process is a lot different. You have a special infill that you use to cut down on the amount of heat. I know everybody is really concerned about that.

Cale: Absolutely, you know everybody is worried about the sporting fields and their kids. Well thats a high crumb rubber infill which gets really hot for our applications in residential. Your going to use either a sand or a turf fill and it’s going to keep it down. I lot of my customers are kind of worried about you know, is it going to get to hot? This thin blade technology is going to save you on that. Much cooler than the wide blades.

Murray:We can see how beautiful it looks and how realistic. What are some of the other impact benefits that Home Turf brings.

Cale: Well a lot of customers are doing this for water conservation then they realize after they get it, Man how did I live without this. Its great for the dogs its not killing it, the kids its nice and soft. They are out their playing having a great day. The look the feel the texture has come so far that most people have to touch it, pull on it to find out if it’s real or fake. So there’s no better time to do it.

Murray:So theres no better time to do it. Get on board. I mean theres rebates. The price of turf has never been lower. Will probably never be lower so

Cale: Probably not

So nows the time

Cale: Absolutely

Clint: I do want to point out as we get to the social media question about dogs. I have 2 huge dogs and how low the maintenance would be with your Home Turf product. It takes very very little water. You said to spritz it and it cleans it right up

Cale: Absolutely you know you go out there and do what you normally do and rinse it off occasionally and thats all you need.

Clint: All right heres our social media question. I very strongly considering artificial turf but want to do other upgrades can your company do a design consultation  and help me with low water plantings and other areas of the yard along with artificial turf?

Cale: Absolutely, we actually would rather have customers put in some plants soft scape with synthetic turf just makes everything come together and look more realistic. I love it.

Murray: Thats all part of your service at Home Turf.

Cale: We do it all

Clint: Heres the other thing to if your thinking about the HERO program your a direct contact. You can actually in someones home, how long does it take you to get them qualified if they are going to use that avenue.

Cale: Minutes to get qualified and if you want to go ahead and do it today, we can have you in and out that night.

Clint: They make it very very simple at Home Turf so Heather I gotta tell you throw his boxers on Friday night. Keep them on for the weekend he doesn’t need to be doing the yard work

Heather: Haha do not encourage this Clint ( laughter)

Clint: Why not?

Heather: Haha Thanks Guys
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