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Artificial/Synthetic turf grass was found on the market containing lead.  Lead was found only in artificial turf grass products manufactured with nylon fibers.  Many studies and scientific tests have been done on the nylon fibers.  At Home Turf artificial turf grass lawns of San Diego we are very concerned and stay updated on this issue.

This is a valid concern as no ethical company would sell or install products that would harm the consumer.  At San Diego Home Turf synthetic /artificial grass lawns we do like to point out that the same nylon fiber, found in the turf in question of containing lead, is already in your home for years now in almost all carpet.   Home Turf artificial turf grass lawns of San Diego sells products that are 100% nylon free and thus 100% lead free.  We did also sell artificial turf products containing nylon before this became an issue recently.  Scientific studies have shown that the levels of lead in most artificial turf / synthetic grass fibers are too low to be dangerous. 

Artificial turf grass water rebates are being offered by the San Diego County Water Authority as part of their “20 Gallon Challenge.”  In the beginning of the artificial turf lead scare, the San Diego County Water Authority and the Water Conservation Board retracted the rebates offered on / for the installation of residential synthetic/artificial turf grass.  The water rebate was suspended for several months while the scientific tests were performed to ensure the safety of the artificial/synthetic turf grass that was to be sold in California.  They have obviously been reassured that artificial/synthetic turf grass is safe for residential landscaping installations, because they have reinstated the artificial turf water conservation rebates.  The artificial turf water rebates vary by district but are generally thirty cents per square foot.  The San Diego County Water Authority would not have put the artificial turf water conservation rebate back into place if they didn’t feel good about the product.  You should trust that they have not done this blindly and feel reassured that artificial/synthetic turf grass is now safe.  Manufacturers of artificial turf grass are being sued by California currently.  These lawsuits have been very effective in getting the artificial/synthetic turf grass manufacturers to stop using the nylon fibers which are questionable.  This legal dispute will certainly be resolved due to the proactive cooperation of the artificial turf manufacturers in question. 
Artificial turf/synthetic grass consumers who are still skeptical can avoid the issue of lead in the synthetic turf grass and still reap the many benefits that a synthetic/artificial turf grass lawn or putting green can provide by simply buying artificial turf grass products without nylon.  Home Turf San Diego artificial turf grass lawns offers many synthetic turf grass products made of 100% polyethylene fibers.  Home Turf San Diego attempts to keep the latest information on the website but you can call to get up to the minute details on this ongoing artificial turf grass lead scare.