Kids in San Diego will soon be begging parents to go to school, thanks to a new playground installed at a Del Mar Elementary. Classrooms of kids will swarm the playground at Sage Canyon Elementary twice a day, making it a turf decision for school administrators.

Home Turf provided 2,000-square feet of artificial turf for the San Diego Unified School District playground. The ribbon was cut in April, providing a place to swing, slide, and run in the sun. Kids can now enjoy a safe and fun playground that withstands the wear of youngsters. To show their appreciation, kindergarteners sang “America the Beautiful”, to all in attendance.

Sage Canyon Elementary ranks 30th out of 5,423-elementary schools in California. They are dedicated to support teaching and learning through their classroom and playground space. Home Turf provides installation services for locations all size, shape, and settin. Special Thanks to all involved in facilitating the project: the Sage Canyon PTA for their donation, the Del Mar Union School District, District’s Maintenance and Operations department.