Artificial Grass Products Specifically Designed for Pets

We carry various artificial turf products for pets which is best for you depends on your situation. Home Turf uses a 4 part system specific for pet owners. Give us a call we can answer any questions you may have concerning our synthetic pet products.

Our 4 Part Artificial Pet Turf System Uses:Dog laying on artificial tuf

1. A dense, short pile and high traffic turf made for use at dog parks and homeowners alike.
2. Turfresh™- absorbant mineral
3. Turfill™ a non-absorbant Infill
4. Turfwash™ a non-toxic cleaner


Amazing looking Grass

Your grass will look amazing! Brown and Yellow Spots from your dogs urine will be eliminated. Holes in the lawn and trails from your dog running on the same path will be a thing of the past.

No More Dirty Pets

Your pets will stay clean. No more muddy paws coming into the house. No more dirty paw prints when fido jumps on you. If you decide to give your dog a bath with the hose you can do it right on the lawn without making a muddy mess.

Better Drainage

Synthetic lawns have better drainage than real sod so its easier for your pets urine to pass through when you hose it off. Also in the rare occasion we get rain in San Diego their will not be water pooled up for days after.

Eliminates Odor

Home Turf's 4 part system helps reduce or eliminate pet odors. We use a product designed for pet turf called Turfresh™ its a natural odor absorbing mineral that only needs a one time application.

Reduction in Pests and Rodents

Another benefit to having a synthetic lawn is the reduction of fleas in the yard. Moles and Gophers that help your dog dig holes will also disappear.

Our Artificial Pet Turf Products are also:

Environmentally Friendly

Our turf products eliminate the need for lawn fertilizers. The need for pesticides is also reduced. These chemicals stay out of the water table and away from your family and pet.

Reduce Water Consumption

Your water bill will be reduced and artificial grass helps conserve San Diego Counties water supply.

Imagine a Green Perfect Lawn that your Pet will Love and Can Not Destroy

For San Diego dog owners synthetic grass lawns have become a realistic, affordable, and popular solution.  Kids, dogs, and adults will love to play on a practically indestructible, beautifully manicured, maintenance free lawn, with no down time due to sprinklers, mowing, etc..   The city of San Diego is offering water conservation rebates for installing artificial grass lawns, and our synthetic turf designed specifically for dogs will more than qualify.  Call Home Turf Artificial Grass Lawns of San Diego for more detailed information on artificial turf rebates for water conservation. 

Dog enjoying a artificial lawnHome Turf  has specific recommendations for dog owners.  We suggest using a specially designed artificial turf product for pets – and backing that offers superior drainage and anti-microbial and anti-bacterial characteristics.  For certain circumstances we recommend burying green, treated wood along the perimeter to prevent dogs from pulling up an edge.  Another recommendation for some  installations is that we leave the sprinkler system in tact so that you can automatically soak the artificial grass lawn down periodically to prevent pet odors on the synthetic pet turf. 

  • Dogs and their masters in and around San Diego love our synthetic turf grass because it’s easier to keep clean and more sanitary than real grass.
  • Waste is simply swept up and the artificial turf is rinsed off. Urine drains right through the artificial turf.
  • All of our artificial turf infill choices whether it is sand, rubber, or the acrylic coated silica sand, are resistant to bacterial growth and are non-toxic to dogs and other pets.
  • Muddy spots and yellow grass are a thing of the past, as dog droppings will not stain or discolor artificial turf lawns.
  • Dogs can’t dig through Home Turf's Synthetic Grass Lawn products.
  • You will spend less time cleaning dogs and carpets since dirt is eliminated with fake grass.
  • Artificial grass from helps maintain a pleasant and safe environment for your dogs and doesn’t pick up an odor.

Call us today at (619) 467-7784 to learn more or to view some of our quality San Diego synthetic turf installations.