Improve your Golf Game with a Artificial Putting Green

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If you’re a golfer you’ve probably heard the phrase “we drive for show, but we putt for dough.”  Since putting is arguably the most important part of the game, why is it that so many golfers seem to fall apart on the greens?  Just imagine walking out your back door onto your very own putting green.  Putting greens aren’t just for practice.  You can actually play golf!  Chipping and putting contests, little games and matches, endless entertainment for you, family, and your friends.  What a better way to introduce the kids to the game than with their very own putting green at home?

artificial putting green san diegoPutting greens are a beautiful addition to a home.  This is serious landscaping!  This is an undulating, manicured, flowing design that we incorporate into your existing landscaping.  We’re very proud of the putting greens we build and you will be too.  Home Turf’s synthetic putting greens are made of nylon or polyethylene fiber and have a true roll.  They play like a natural bent grass putting green.  You can turn your backyard into your own private country club, and at a fraction of the cost of joining one.
Home Turf installs professional-grade artificial putting greens bordered with some of the toughest fringe on the market.  While there are many artificial turf companies out there, you should be sure to have an expert such as Home Turf install your putting green.  The grade and sub-surface below the artificial putting green turf must conform to exacting specifications to give you a true roll and realistic playability.  The installation process of Home Turf’s synthetic putting greens is very different and much more detailed than the installation of an artificial grass lawn.  If you are a serious golfer, and looking for more than just a decorative artificial putting green, then give Home Turf a call.

Why Choose a Home Turf Putting Green?

  • Home Turf artificial putting greens are designed to maximize the fun and playability with regards to the area you have to work with.
  • We can provide a wide variety of our classic design options for you to choose from.
  • Home Turf artificial putting greens simulate the realistic speed and roll of real bent grass putting greens.
  • Fringe can be installed around the perimeter of your artificial putting green to add to the good looks and playability of the putting green.  You can chip from the fringe without wearing or damaging the artificial turf fringe.
  • Home Turf of San Diego offers professional design assistance to help make the green of your dreams.
  • Home Turf can design a contour for your artificial putting green with undulations which give a variety of putting angles and breaks.

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