In this video below Cale Abramson and Kris Grant of Home Turf explain available infill options for your synthetic lawn, HERO financing, water efficiency and the how to fit the right artificial turf to fit your needs.

Video Transcript:

Home Pro Show:
that it’s not so much the different turf its how you install it right?

yeah absolutely

i mean all……all of the turf is pretty much made with the
same components ,we want to make sure that umm we have a variety of different turfs we can use depending on the application and then our
process you know is a little bit different we
take the time to say hey is there pets how many pets umm you know we do some things we can
leave the the irrigation in for periodic rinsing umm
your still saving a ton on water

ummm but it’s gonna give you the benefit
still to be able to periodically you know rinse the turf and we also use
different in infills in different enzymes a lot a lot goes into what we do to make
sure we’re putting in the correct a product for the individual’s home

Home Pro Show:
You might think you take your sprinkler system out as you’re trying to save water but especially if you have pets right?
it’s a good idea to flush that out least once a month.

absolutely i mean it’s not it’s
certainly not going to hurt anything obviously certain pets have you know just depends on the individual pet
how many pets you have in the usage om of the area but its absolutely not
gonna hurt anything to leave it in and then new couple that
with the different infill that we use you know we don’t use the rubber infill
we use a natural….

Home Pro Show:
which makes a big difference in the
amount of heat right

yea….It cuts the heat
its great for the pets it actually kind of acts as a uugh umm …like a deodorizer product and cuts the
ammonia and the smells down so….there’s just certain things that we can do in those applications ….it just makes
that insulation even better

Home Pro Show:
Even if it were five minutes a week
which really you could probably do about 10 minutes a month if you wanted to you’re still gonna save a ton of
water and be eco friendly over a standard yard correct?

absolutely i mean think about it right now everybody is ughh -(cough- excuse me)
probably watering ten minutes every other day to keep sod looking green so if we can cut that down
to you know five minutes a week or ten minutes a month just to make sure and thoroughly rinse through everything if you have pets obviously we’re saving with less than a tenth of the water.

Well right now a lot of our customers are taking advantage of a pace program called hero
and hero finances anything thats basically
clean energy so you know for solar guys they’re using
that but for us we are doing synthetic turf because we are saving water