San Diego Living:
Between the watering, the mowing, the fertilizing and the maintenance have you ever wondered what your grass
is costing you have you thought about putting in artificial grass thats heavy duty and looks just like the real thing

The Home Pro show is here to help this morning let’s get over to the host of the show Clinton August
Hi Clint

Home Pro Show:
Hey Heather I know you’re interested
because you came over to kale and The Home Turf guys and you were feeling in the grass and you were asking
questions about well I’ve got a dog and a play set with my kids and it gets muddy  you asking a ton of questions
so you have interest yourself.

San Diego Living:
I would love to put this in and I just need to know how I can make it work for my backyard and I
I think they’ll come out help me for free

yeah…. they can give you an assessment of your yard they can do so much and we’re gonna get into
that with home turf and Cale here welcome to the show today

thanks a lot

Home Pro Show:
also of course our regular guy co-host an expert in the business Greg Cantor
for Murray Lampert design build remodel, Greg I gotta tell you man it’s it’s
there is so many advantage this

Greg Cantor:
There is

Home Pro Show:
And they just did a huge job for the Humane Society the park looks wonderfully do it all

Greg Cantor:
and did they do a job for you to? looks like you
got Home Turf going on right here.


Home Pro Show:
its pet-friendly

Greg Cantor:
but seriously there’s a lot of benefits of Home Turf and a proper installation is very
important to the whole process so tell us about some of the benefits and how you install the product

sure well
obviously right now water is key you know everybody right now is worried about the drought that we are in
and so first and for most we’re gonna go ahead and bring that water bill down sixty-seven percent your water goes
outside to the lawn and in grass areas

Home Pro Show:
thats huge

so if you can cut that down obviously that’s a big savings, second thing is
beautifying your home you know bring out value up maintenance goes down. I don’t
want to say zero,  there might be a little bit depending on the application, wether you have pets or dogs or
anything like thatbut to those are three that the biggest
things right off the bat

Greg Cantor:
and it’s always green even with pets and pets have a way of
kinda ruining natural turf

we have a lot of homeowners that have
pets and you know they are fighting everyday for yellow spots and things like that and we can make
that go away.
You can come home, your sundays are back ,you can watch foot
ball and not have to mow the yard.

Greg Cantor:
I’m familiar with your installations and
what’s really unique about you guys is how you install
a sand base instead of a rubber base explain in more details on that and I know you have
to do grading as well to make sure everything works out right.

yeah it all starts with how much excavation you know you don’t
want to just remove just the grass only you wanna get down three or four inches
so we have proper drainage and compaction proper
compaction is going to have that yard looking beautiful for the next twenty
uummm the next thing is that sand infill
that you spoke about in residential applications that is
superior to the rubber infill
cuz robber gets hot….. if you think…. drag five hundred
tires out on your yard probably gonna be hot don’t you think

Greg Cantor:
no absolutely

its same thing that’s really what it is is crumb rubber all throughout the yard, so instead we
use sand it keeps it much much cooler obviously still a little bit warmer than
traditional grounds but to nothing you can’t handle

Greg Cantor:
And another really important thing is the seeming and we talked about that and in the
green room is that you you plan out the seeming even if
it means wasting a little bit of materials and also
keeping in mind that how its gonna look when somebody looks at from the street

absolutely there’s little tricks to this
there’s grain to synthetic turf you always make sure that goes the right way
for the least amount to shine you want
to be on the drive by and look twice and not know is that real is a fake show we always go
ahead lay down to where there’s going to be the least amount seems
our guys are magic with seems if you can see I’m nobody would like this product
so we make sure those go away for you

Home Pro Show:
and you know that’s something we talk about pets and the easier clean up
for guys….I don’t know about you Greg….But for me with the yard I am so lazy I don’t do
a thing with it

Greg Cantor:

Home Pro Show:
your eco-friendly, you’re saving
money on water, thousands of dollars I would I would guess in over the long run

Greg Cantor:
look at how natural this looks and
you can’t tell the difference

Home Pro Show:
and that’s when you know you’ve got a great
company like Home Turf if you can tell that it looks like the
greenest most well manicured grass in the neighborhood and one thing though
was someone concerned about the life expectancy of synthetic turf.

sure…..approximately fifteen to twenty five
years depending on what we’re doing with it you know if it’s a front yard and
nobody’s ever gonna walk on it you’re gonna be at that high end.

now if you’ve got four rottweilers and fifteen
kids room probably a little bit more on the low end but to it’s still gonna
last a long time…..ummm are typically this pays for itself
within four to five years at the very most so then you have years and years have no
cost and beautiful grass

Greg Cantor:
And Home Turf is our only is our
only pro that we recommend for turf installations….best Company

Home Pro Show:
and you’ve got that coming
from a guy who’s been in the business for thirty plus years Greg Cantor
Murray Lampert Design build remodel, Home Turf, we got Cale and Heather here is some great news too if
you do 500 square feet or more
your gonna get five hundred dollars off if you
mentioned the Home Pro Show with Home Turf so that’s a great thing

San Diego Living:
Uggh fantastic also if you have the folks out there in they
say well should I do more cement or put some of this grass in.
They can help with both right?

Home Pro Show:
you know they’ll move stuff around the sprinklers the whole thing, they do it

don’t forget the rebates

Home Pro Show:
yeah absolutely
theres rebates and you gotta get on those
cuz they don’t last forever ….get on those

San Diego Living:
alright thanks fantastic i’m going to look into it myself … appreciate it.
again if you want to get a hold of all
the folks we mention this morning approved is the website