Traditionally our most luxurious and lush grass with ultra-dense tufting, silky fiber and deep all-green appearance.

Primary Yarn:UV Resistant Polyethylene
Turf Structure:Wave Shaped Monofilament
Primary Denier:12,600
Secondary Denier:3150
Thatch Structure:Texturized Monofilament
Pile Height:1.75 Inches
Total Weight:102 Oz/SY
Stitch Gauge:3/8 Inches
Stitch Rate:13 Per 10CM
Backing/CoatingPolyurethane Coated
Infill Rate:2.0 Lbs/SF

Recommended Use:

Crafted for Craftsmanship: Discover DreamLawn —a fusion of aesthetics and expertise. 

Product Description:

  • With a 1.75-inch pile height and a blend of Field, Olive, and Tan hues, it’s the pinnacle of lifelike perfection.
  • Uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing provides greater seam strength and durability / not water soluble.
  • Heat and frost resistant, UV stabilized and no harmful environmental effects.
  • Non-flammable, ant-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack.

Additional Information:

Matting Disclaimer: Synthetic grass, by the nature of the composition will have some matting possibilities. It’s important to discuss the level of use with your installer to ensure you’ve chosen the right product for your needs. Matting is not covered under the warranty.