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Artificial Turf Maintenance & Artificial Grass Care

How much time does it take to maintain your grass lawn? The average American spends up to 48 days of their life on lawn care, and many homeowners are no longer willing to give that kind of time to their yard. Artificial grass is a low-maintenance alternative for your San Diego home, eliminating tiresome tasks like watering and mowing so you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time maintaining it. 

But how low-maintenance is artificial turf? Discover how a little bit of artificial grass care can extend the life of your synthetic grass and keep your new lawn looking green and beautiful for years to come. 

How Artificial Grass Can Reduce Your Water Bill

Your family uses about 320 gallons of water daily, and about 30% is used outdoors. Most of that water goes on your lawn. Lawns are terrible for water conservation because they require so much of it to stay green and healthy. All these thirsty lawns may contribute to drought conditions across the western United States. 

When you opt for artificial turf, you can say goodbye to water-guzzling grass. Your artificial lawn will continue looking green and healthy even if the San Diego area experiences another dry season. That means you could see a reduction of up to 30% on your monthly water usage, not to mention the good you’ll be doing for water conservation. 

Maintaining Your Lawn for the Future

How long your artificial grass lasts will depend on the quality of the product and installation, along with how well you maintain it. You can expect most artificial grass to last for ten years. However, with regular artificial turf maintenance, you could keep your grass looking new for up to 25 years or more. A little bit of artificial grass care can go a long way, too, so you won’t need to devote too much time to keeping your lawn looking picture-perfect. 

Cleaning Synthetic Turf

Cleaning your artificial grass is easy. Most spots or stains on your synthetic turf should easily be washed away with a spray from your garden hose. If that doesn’t work, mix a little liquid soap into a bucket of warm water, scrub it into the spot with a soft-bristled brush, and then rinse with the hose. If you can’t remove the stain, you can have the area patched with new artificial turf. 

Routine Artificial Turf Maintenance & Cleaning

These artificial turf maintenance tips will help you extend the life of your lawn and take just a few minutes of your time: 

  • Remove debris from the lawn. Pick up sticks, fallen branches, leaves, litter, and other debris from your yard daily to prevent it from harming the turf base. 
  • Rinse the turf once a week. Rinsing the turf will keep the artificial blades of grass looking fresh and new. 
  • Pick up pet waste daily. Artificial grass is excellent for pets because it easily drains away liquid waste and won’t hold onto smells. Allow solid waste to dry completely, then remove it. 
  • Scrub stains as needed. If you spot a stain, address it immediately so it doesn’t become permanent. 
  • Apply a weed treatment twice a year. Apply a weed treatment in the spring and fall, and pull up any weeds you see as soon as possible. 
  • Replace worn patches every few years. Like natural lawns, artificial grass can start to wear down in highly trafficked areas. Unlike natural lawns, you can easily replace these worn areas.

HomeTurf®: Ensuring Your Artificial Turf Looks Its Best Year-Round

Artificial grass care takes just minutes out of your busy week and rewards you with years of enjoying a beautiful, healthy-looking lawn. If you are tired of spending your time, money, and energy trying to keep natural grass green, talk to our HomeTurf® artificial grass installation experts. We’ll show you how natural and high-quality artificial grass can look and why you’ll love it in your yard. Schedule a call with our San Diego HomeTurf® turf installation team by calling us at (619)467-7784 or filling out our contact form.


Image Source: Prapat Aowsakorn/Shutterstock