Adventure: Monofilament Turf

Color:4-Tone (2-Primary, 2-Thatch)
Colors: Field/Olive Primary,
Tan Thatch
Face Weight:Approx. 91.5 Oz/SY
Pile Height:Approx. 1.75 Inches
Yarn Type:C-shape primary Monofilament w/Secondary Textured Thatch
Traffic Use:Moderate to Heavy
Machine Gauge:3/8 Inch
Roll Width:15 Feet
Roll Length:100 Feet
Infill Rate:2.0 Lbs/SF

Product Description:

With Adventure, every step you take feels like an expedition through nature’s finest creations. It’s soft underfoot, inviting you to kick off your shoes and savor the sensation of pure, natural bliss. No more worrying about mud, mowing, or maintenance; Adventure ensures your outdoor space remains pristine and ready for action. But Adventure is more than just a turf; it’s a canvas for your wildest outdoor dreams. Whether it’s a pirate-themed birthday party for the kids or a tranquil afternoon of sunbathing, Adventure provides the perfect backdrop for every adventure. And don’t forget about the pets; they’ll love frolicking on this plush, pet-friendly paradise!

Additional Information:

Matting Disclaimer: Synthetic grass, by the nature of the composition will have some matting possibilities. It’s important to discuss the level of use with your installer to ensure you’ve chosen the right product for your needs. Matting is not covered under the warranty.