Color:4-Tone (2-Primary, 2-Thatch)
Colors: Field/Spring Primary
Tan Thatch plus tan
texturized surface yarns
Total Weight:Approx. 102 Oz/SY
Pile Height:Approx. 1.625 Inches
Roll Width:15 Feet
Roll Length:100 Feet
Primary Denier:11800
Secondary Denier:3150
Traffic Ratingr:Moderate to Heavy
Stitch Gauge:3/8 Inches
Infill Rate:2.0 Lbs/SF

Product Description:

As the visionary designer behind Catalina, I am thrilled to introduce you to a revolution in artificial turf technology! Catalina is not just turf; it’s a masterpiece of nature’s emulation, meticulously crafted for the most discerning homeowners.

What sets Catalina apart is its unparalleled realism. The unique blend of colors, textures, blade shapes, and even dead stems creates an astonishingly natural appearance. When you step onto Catalina, you’ll swear you’re standing on a genuine, lush meadow.

Prepare to amaze your neighbors and guests, for Catalina is so lifelike that they’ll be utterly fooled. Your lawn will be the talk of the town, the envy of the neighborhood, and a testament to the perfect fusion of art and technology. Catalina – where nature meets innovation!

Additional Information:

Matting Disclaimer: Synthetic grass, by the nature of the composition will have some matting possibilities. It’s important to discuss the level of use with your installer to ensure you’ve chosen the right product for your needs. Matting is not covered under the warranty.